TXJ201 Cosmetology -Ms. Coughlan

History of Hairstyling -Coughlan


Use the UN/PWs in your agenda (p22) and click on the “List of Databases” to find the ones below:

Step #1.  Brainstorm search terms on the chart provided on the Library Lesson Handout- use:  hairstyling, hair + style, fashion, coiffure, trim to start (see the Merriam Webster entry for “hairstyle” and other thesauruses to help – click here). You can also use Wikipedia here to gather keywords associated with your topic.

Step #2.  Research in the library databases below and take notes on the Graphic Organizer provided; don’t forget to make note of all the sources you use on your Log of Sources

  • Britannica Online
  • Edu-Ref e-books (look for: The Arts >> Fashion and Design)
  • GALE Virtual Reference Library  (look for: Fashion, Costume, and Culture)

Or search the free web by using Google Advanced Search 

Step #3.  Prepare your poster using some of the strategies from the Green Guide (PW in agenda).

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