Gr. 12 Earth and Space Science – SES4U

Mr. Fiorio, Mr. Harlow – 2014-15

This page is part of a digital pathfinder to help students compose a research-based poster on Space Missions throughout history.

Pre-visit Task

#1.  Log out of any personal Google accounts, then activate your TDSB Google Drive (see right panel) aw-icon

#2.  Once inside your TDSB Google Drive (look for your at top right), click on the Library Handout link (below) and then File (top left menu) > Make a copy .

#3.  Click on the  Alphabetical List of Databases databases-icon (right panel), then Britannica Online and GALE Virtual Reference (passwords on p22 of agenda) and browse Space Missions to select three to four (e.g., Soyuz Spacecraft)

Day 1 – Gather and Organize information

Day 2 – Gather Images and assemble poster

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