PPL1O Phys. Ed Sexuality Brochure

Day 1: 

You will work with a partner to research a topic related to Sexuality.  Please refer to the assignment sheet below for expectations and a topic list:

The resources you will use for this project are listed on the Library Handout below.

Access this handout and notetaking sheet from home by clicking on the Google Drive link on the ride hand side (use your username/password that you use to log into a school computer)


Day 2: 

You will work with your partner to create a pamphlet about your topic.  Take the information on your Notetaking sheet and create a pamphlet using the template below:

Use Image Quest to find images related to your topic.  Don’t forget to cite these photographs also.

Use the template below to work collaboratively on your brochure.  Be sure that one group member Makes a copy and Shares it with the other group members. (File > Make a copy > rename as “shared copy…”)

Professional Pamphlet Examples:

question2Please take a moment to fill out this survey at the end of each lesson.

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