CLN4U – Gr. 12 Canadian Law – Vasavada

Image Quest

Image Quest

Law CLN4U – Vasavada (2014-15)

Day 1:  Preliminary Source List and Source Reflection
(Annotated Bibliography)

CLN4U-presentation ► Library Presentation – review this presentation for tips on using the online databases, using the digital notetaker and doing advanced searches using the Recommended Sites below

Other handouts

Research Tips

  • When researching for your topic, begin by using our suggested resources on the Library handout (pathfinder) through our reputable List of Databases first.
  • When searching the open Web, use these Search Strategies to effectively narrow your search.

Day 2:  Recommended Sites and Advanced Search Strategies





Web evaluation activity

Select two wesites from to evaluate.


 Resource tracking sheet

Download the handout and complete the organizer on page 2 




Databases (passwords for databases  are in  your agenda)


  1. Canadian Points of View  (Points of view and newspaper articles)
  2. Opposing View Points  (provides overviews on issues)
  1. SIRS Researcher >SIRS Products>Leading Issues (similar to Opposing View Points)
  2. Gale/TDSB Virtual Reference Library>Law>Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice


Specialized Legal Subject Directories

(tip: right mouse click to open in a new window)


LawCentral Canada A collection of links and documents intended for student research. Some good topic overviews under “Special Topics”.
Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research Good background information on legal system and lists of links by subject – few annotations, some dead links.
Bora Laskin Law Library. University of Good BACKGROUND INFO SOURCE – some dead linksAn annotated list of recommended links. Includes a definition of the area of legal topics. Current updates.
Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) Best CASES: Best source to search for Canadian cases, legislation and reports from boards/tribunals.  Use Advanced Search! Sort results by “cases most often cited”.
EISIL – Electronic Information System for International Law (American Society of International Law). International focus – organizes collection of links by subject with annotations describing all resources.
Law Courts Education society of BC. Law BACKGROUND INFO: created for BC law students & their teachers. Check list of “Legal Issues” .
Library of Parliament Research Publications (Canada) Research Guides on a variety of topics, written by parliamentary library staff for members of the government, providing excellent overviews, clear explanations of law, relevant cases and issues. Check Current, Archived and Legislative Summaries.
Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) Resources CASE SUMMARIES: explains key legal decisions in the Canadian justice system.
Statistics Canada – “Crime and Justice”;jsessionid=9D6452C5DF95802971B67FF2BB1FE9FD?pid=2693&lang=eng&more=0 Reports and statistics relating to Canada. Also consult E-Stat*, the educational database from Statistics Canada available on the library web site.




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