Go – ENG2D – Shakespeare’s World


Source: Image Quest

Day 1/2:

1. Handout #1: Research Inquiry 

2. Handout #2: Pathfinder and Digital Note-taker (open your TDSB Google Drive and then click File >> Make a Copy to save it in your personal Google Drive)


Day 3/4:

1. Review your research and highlight the key ideas/concepts/events that you would like to highlight in your news article and podcast. Then access the  Podcast Planning Handout

Listen to these podcast examples for inspiration:

CBC’s The Current

CBC’s Metro Morning: Wearable Technology 


NPR’s RadioLab

You will be using the program Audacity to create your podcast.  Use the Podcasting Guide for help or watch the tutorial below for help:

2.  When you are finished your podcast and news article, you must create a page on Mr. Go’s ENG2D1 Wikispace and share your work (earlhaig.ca/mistergo > left panel ENG2D)

  • Log In with an existing Wikispace account OR Join Wikispaces (you will need to confirm your email by checking for the Wikispaces email in your inbox or spam)
  • Group captain should create a page for your group on the wiki
  • Begin submitting your information (news article and podcast)

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