ESLE – Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

Death Penalty Argumentative Research Essay
capital punishment
Use the following handouts to assist you with researching and writing your paper.
Lesson 1,2:  Gathering Background and Developing an Opinion (For/Against)
Click on the following:

Lessons 3,4:  Research, Note Taking & Essay Outline

  1. Use databases to find five sources (news articles, facts) related to your side of the Death Penalty issue  (for/against).  See above for suggested sources.  Email these articles to yourself.
  2. Copy and paste the Citation information to a Word document; number each source.  You will use this for your Bibliography (you may also use but always consult the Green Guide (p.71 in pdf  or p.69 in print))
  3. Print the article and highlight the most important points.  Follow the steps from Notetaking Tips to help you.
  4. Create a page for each subtopic.  Take point form notes for each subtopic.  Record the source number for each point (e.g. where did you get the information from).   
  5.  Create an outline using the blank essay outline. You may wish to look at the sample essay outline for help.

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