SNC2 Cancer Research Presentation

Prepare a 5 minute presentation explaining your topic.

Use the questions below to guide your research. Do NOT present your findings as a list of answers to these questions.

Make your presentation interesting as well as informative!

How does the equipment work? What types of cancers can it detect? Who is recommended to have the diagnostic test/treatment? What preparations are required by the patient before the test/treatment and what recovery is required after? How long does the test/treatment take? Does the patient require one appointment, or are several sessions required for treatment? How often should the test be repeated? How effective is the treatment? What types of cancer is it most effective for? 

Include any additional information that you think is relevant.

Digital Notetaker –>one person in the group make a copy and share with group members AND share with your teacher.






Resources (passwords in agenda)

  1. Britannica Online
  2. Teen Health & Wellness
  3. Science Reference Centre
  4. Gale Virtual Reference Library

Ensure your images are accurate! Use ImageQuest


Presentation Tips

Elements of a good slideshow 

Handout Styleguide Guide