Senior Vocal Historical Context AMV 3/4

Senior Vocal Historical Context Presentations

For this assignment, you and a partner will choose one choir piece being presented at this year’s Choral Night. Together you will create a 6-10 min presentation on the historical context of the piece, including information on the work’s composer and genre.

The presentation should be as concise as possible; use Google Slide and site in MLA

Recommended Subscription Reseources 

Composer Britannica Gale Oxford Reference Biography in Context
John Farmer     very limited limited
J.C. Bach (1735 – 1782) Yes Yes (search “Johann Christian Bach”) Yes Yes
Gaetano Donizetti Yes Yes Limited Yes
Benjamin Britten Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hrusovsky, Ivan Limited     Limited
R. Murray Schafer     Yes Yes
Brian Tate        
Arr. Jonathan Quick        
Eric Whitacre