PPL1OM/F Physical Education Poster Assignment

Physical Education Poster Assignment 2017

Based on a given scenario you will research a topic that relates to teen health and well-being. You will answer specific questions by recording notes and citing your sources using a digital notetaker. Finally, you will create an informative electronic poster about your topic using the poster template.

Please refer to the assignment sheet below for expectations:       


You will complete the following while working with the library:

Class Pre-Visit:

  • Read scenario that outlines an issue related to teen physical or mental health
  • Identify the issue presented in the scenario and record using the pre-visit handout

Day 1 (in library):

  • Using an online subscription database (Teens Health and Wellness) and reliable websites (Teens help & Teen Health) to research responses to your questions
  • Record findings on the library digital notetaker (captain of the group to make a copy and share with group members)

Day 2 (in library):

  • Create an informative poster using information found from your research.
  • Poster Template (captain of the group to make a copy and share with group members)
  • Poster Checklist (review to ensure you are meeting the success criteria)

The resources you will use for research: