PPL1OM/F Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies


Day 1: 

You will research a topic related to Teen Physical or Mental Health. You will complete the following while in the library for 2 days:

  • Read scenario that outlines an issue related to teen physical or mental health
  • Develop closed and open questions about the topic
  • Using an online subscription database (Teens Health and Wellness) to research responses to your questions
  • Create a one page letter response to the teen in the scenario using evidence from your research

Get the scenarios here.

Please refer to the assignment sheet below for expectations.

The resources you will use for today are:


Day 2: 

You will continue to respond to your closed and open questions using Teens Health and Wellness.  Once you have finished your research, reflect on what you have learned and develop 3 suggestions for change: What should the teen in the scenario have done differently?

You will write a letter of advice to the teen in the scenario -be specific and use evidence from your research to support your suggestions.  Refer to the Rubric for the Success Criteria.

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