ESLD Summative 2018 (Webber)

                                                      ESLD Human Rights Summative 2018
human rights image Ms. Webber 

The country of Haigtopia is currently in the process of writing their own Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  As a Canadian humanitarian, you have been invited to present a human right that you feel should be included in this Charter. Over the next few days in the library you will work towards the following:

  • tselect a human right listed on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedom (get approved by your teacher)
  • locate one newspaper article which shares a story of a human right being violated using an Online Database
  • take point form notes on the 5 WH for each article using the Digital Notetaker
  • make connections between the events in the novel and the news stories, including quotes from the book, etc.
  • create a Google Slides Presentation (5 min)

Library Handouts:

Databases to Find Articles:

1. Keywords to assist with the research process:

2.  Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on: