ESLD Human Rights Summative Spring 2017

The country of Haigtopia is currently in the process of writing their own Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  As a Canadian humanitarian, you have been invited to present a human right that you feel should be included in this Charter.

Day 1: Introduction to Hum

an Rights

Day 2: Summarizing and Note-Taking Skills
Skills for Summarizing and Note-Taking

Day 3: Selecting Your Topic and Finding a News Article
Youth for Human Rights Website
United For Human Rights Website
Simplified Human Rights list
Illustrated Version of the Declaration
Finding Keywords: Dictionary and Thesaurus

Use these links to find more information, examples and keywords on your section of the Declaration:

A. Once you have decided on your topic:

Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on
Canadian Points of View (UN/PW in Agenda Pg. 23)

B. Once you have found your article:
Write down (record) the source (author, article title, newspaper name, date) onto the Note-Taking Graphic Organizer

Day 4: In-Class for Article Summary
Note-Taking Graphic Organizer

Day 5, 6: 

A. Plan out your presentation!
Use the Slides Planning Template to plan out your presentation before making your slides!

B. Make your slides by following the Library’s Google Slide Template ! 
Make a copy of this template: File > Make a copy > Rename: Your Name – ESLD Summative

* share the template with your teacher!

C. Find Images for your presentation:
Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on:
Image Quest (UN/PW in Agenda p23)

D. Practice Your Presentation (practice makes perfect)!
Use the Library’s Tips for a Great Presentation!

human rights image