ESL-E Poetry Prezi Project

Poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature in the English language.  It was often passed down verbally from one generation to the next.  To encourage your love of the literary form of poetry and to give you an opportunity to work with technology, you will work in groups to complete this assignment

View a sample Poetry Prezi by Mr. Go 

A copy of the poetry assignment is here. A copy of the rubric can be downloaded here.

Get a copy of the Digital NoteTaker and share with your group members.

Earl Haig Library Resources (username and passwords are found in your agenda)

  1. Britannica
  2. Biography In Context
  3. Image Quest 
  4. Canadian Poet? Canadian Encyclopedia


Prezi Instructions: Prezi help and Preizi tips

  • Double click anywhere to write
  • Zoom in to develop your ideas
  • Use the zebra for structure and size
  • Add images from the Insert menu
  • Create/plan your storyline

#1. Create a storyboard that outlines your ideas and the order that you wish to present them.  Prezi allows you to follow a more abstract (less linear, orderly) path.

#2.   Create a FREE Prezi account using your email.  Watch the Prezi learn video and read