2015 ENG3U – LUE – Othello Essay



  • Be sure to record any resources you use on your Source Log (use easybib.com – use our most recent coupon code – to assist in tracking your sources)
  • Check out the Green Guide pp.34-41 (2012 edition)



  • Check out the Othello books on reserve in the library.


All usernames and passwords in Student Agenda or see Circulation Desk 

Brainstorm keywords (search terms) to focus your research

Tips on searching and citing sources in e-books

  • Inside the ebook, look in the left or top panel for the citation information 
  • Use the search inside feature (left panel) to search within a book 
  • In the HTML form, search within a page using CTRL–F.

Infobase Ebooks

Shakespeare’s Tragedies

  • “designed to present biographical, critical, and biblio- graphical information on the author’s best-known or most important works”
  • Log in and click here 

The Facts On File Companion to Shakespeare (5 vol)

  • Othello chapter here

Bloom’s Shakespeare Through the Ages: Othello

  • historical background to Othello  here 

Shakespeare’s Language

  • Critical overview, collection of key quotation  here

Subscription Databases

  1. Literary Reference Centre


This is a site run by PhD students from the better universities in the United States.  These notes are MUCH better than Sparks & co. as they encourage you to think.   Shmoop writers also have a great sense of humour

From U. Victoria, B.C.  Plays, life & times, performance, resource links, etc.  Very good for high school students.