ENG2D Go -Poetry

Use this link to connect to the poetry  wiki page.

Download and save a copy of the digital note taker 

Recommend website links to biographies, samples and background information on Contemporary Canadian Poets. Browse these sites first to find a poem/poet you connect with. 

  1. Canadian Poetry Online Index of Poets 
  2. http://www.poetryinvoice.com/

Find additional information from Earl Haig’s library subscription resources (usernames and passwords in agenda). 



Find your voice. View samples here

Recording and audacity help here

Listen to a sample: W H Auden’s Funeral Blues as preformed by Mr. Go 



Library Session #1:
1. Please print out the assignment sheet: bit.ly/2dpoetrywiki
– review the assignment and rubric and mark down any questions.
2. Review the materials posted on the class page:
– make a copy of the digital notetaker to your google drive

3. Make sure you solidify your poet selection by the beginning of the second library session (Day 2: this Friday, Day 1: this Thursday). As the assignment stipulates, the poet should be Canadian, and have been published in the past 25 years.

By the end of the first Library session, be sure to have:

a) Signed up for a poet (I will call you up in class)
b) Registered for wikispaces and gained access to the class poetry wiki (check TDSB email for more info).
c) Made a copy and properly renamed the Digital Notetaker (the link to which is on our class’ Library page, see #2 above). Review the notetaker and use it to research your poet and images. File naming convention: bit.ly/mrgomla
d) Started exploring poems for your poet (120 words minimum).


Library Session #2:

Tasks to complete:
– all steps from Library Session #1

Solidify Poet selection with Mr. Go (start of class is the last time to change it)

#6. Select one poem by your writer that is at least 120 words (e.g., 20 lines, about 6-7 words per line) on which to focus. You may find the work in print (in the physical library) as well as online.

#7. Research your poet’s biography using Library resources featured on the digital notetaker. Fill out your digital notetaker and submit what you have done to turnitin by the end of the period. You will need to have selected your poet and known which poem you’re planning to use by the start of the class.

#8. Create a test template for your wikipage using the exemplar page as a guide:

a) Name the page with your first name and last initial (e.g., Sula Peace: <SulaP>

b) Type out all the headings as listed on the assignment sheet (Poet Rationale, Poet Bio, Poem Copy, Symbolic Collage, Dramatic Reading, Works Cited) and leave spaces between each heading. Under each, put a brief piece of information to get you started:

> Rationale: Why did you choose this poet?

> Bio: Copy and paste from Canadian Encyclopedia or Britannica and cite underneath

> Poem Copy (type or paste into with MLA biblio info using easybib)

> Collage: Insert link to a google doc with imported images and a brief description of how they might be related to the poem you’ve selected

> Dramatic Reading sample: Record a brief initial reading of the first stanza of your poem (or first 5 lines or 25 words) and upload that mp3 file to your Google Drive. Embed the link to this section of the page

> Assemble an initial compilation of your resources both from text or photos.

c) For the collage, Create a google doc, import several images from Image Quest (see Alpha List of Library Databases) user/pass in your agenda.