ENG1D English Grade 9 Orientation


Welcome Grade 9s!

This page is part of an orientation activity for all grade 9 students to complete through their English classes. It is designed to help students new to the school familiarize themselves with the physical and virtual spaces of our library.

 Before your class visits the library, please review this library orientation video:


In the Library:

Web Quest Station #7: Tell us a little bit about yourself!  Take the survey. 

Turn It In

Sample Letter to submit to Turn It in

  • Type the following into a Google Doc or MS Word document
  • Save this to your H: drive (or home drive – has your student number; create a subfolder for Gr. 9 English).  Use the filename: <test_firstname_lastname.doc>
  • Think about what you have learned today and write a few sentences in your own words to complete the following statements:
  1. The three most important things I learned in the library today were…
  2. The way I learned best today was when…
  • Go to the Internet and copy and paste information from a source (such as Wikipedia)
  • Save your work in your H drive <test_firstname_lastname.doc> and upload to TurnItIn

Why can’t I eat in the library?https://www.youtube.com/embed/mPh9JZlVUK0” target=”_blank”>Click here for a humorous look at  eating in the library