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Canada: History, Identity and Culture

Begin by exploring Toronto’s neighborhoods virtually. This Toronto Public Library site has an  interactive map and a link different area’s history (and cool images too!):Historical Neighbourhood Resources or this one from Toronto

Be sure to always track and cite your sources (in MLA) including photos and images too.

Other suggested resources:

  1. View this NFB video on Boom town Toronto  
  2. Toronto demographics on the City of Toronto website
  3. Learn more about your region, explore this Toronto Neighbourhood guide website
  4. History of Toronto neighbourhoods, Wikipedia be sure to examine the references and talk tab to gain more insight.
  5. Resources and links from York University City Institute 
  6. Get Interactive With Historical Toronto Maps
  7. Visit and search for articles from the Torontoist, Spacing  or this real estate website  

Use advanced search techniques to find reliable, academic websites on your specific neighborhood.

Ask a teacher-librarian for additional database suggestions.  

History Reference Centre

Canadian Encyclopedia 

Highly Recommended: visit a local library branch, ask to see local historical documents.