CHG3 Genocide

Source: World Genocide Map

The Task

  1. Design and sketch a memorial to the event.
  2. Create a written rationale and reflection for your memorial that provides understanding and connections .

Topics to consider including in your answer:

  1. Where would you place the memorial and why? (The country of the perpetrator? Victim? Bystanders?)
  2. Explanation of how your memorial illustrates the crime against humanity
  3. What major lesson/moral is your memorial teaching? How does it do this? (explain your thinking)
  4. What is the response that your memorial is trying to evoke? Why?
  5. What potential controversy might the memorial receive?  Why?



This Memorial Reflection IS NOT a ‘play-by-play’, narrative description of what happened, and who was involved, but WHY you think that your memorial would be effective at achieving its TWO purposes.  You can use information from your notes to provide evidence for your rationale.

Recommended  Databases (passwords in agenda  or reference desk) 

ebmsresearcherpaneicon96x96 Britannica Online

 facts_on_File-logoCurriculum Video On Demand


global-issues-sq Global Issues in Context  


gale_virtualGALE Virtual Reference Library – e-books


history_ref History Reference Centre

infobase Infobase e-Books

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