CHC2D Website Evaluation Workshop 2017-18

Website Evaluation 2017-2018

When doing research ensure all the information you get from websites are reliable.

What should you look for to make sure a website is reliable? How can you tell if the information you use is accurate?

DAY 1 –Library Handout

Activity #1 : Would you use these websites? Why or why not?

Activity #3: With a partner, select TWO websites from the list below to evaluate.

  • Which of the two websites is more reliable for research on Canadian history? Why or why not?  Be specific and provide three reasons from the website evaluation table on your handout.
  1. The Canadian Encyclopedia
  2. Major Battles of WW2
  3. CBC Archives
  4. Canada at War
  5. List Verse
  6. Courage Remembered
  7. Juno Beach
  8. SchoolHistory

Exit Card and Reflection


DAY 2 – Library Handout (Definition & Keywords)

Activity #1: Using the skills from your first lesson in the library:

  1. Search the internet and locate TWO reliable websites that you would use for research on your assigned topic about Canada’s role in WWI
  2. Think of 3 reasons why you would recommend/use these sites -be specific and use the Website Evaluation Chart to help you.

Activity #2: Note: You must log it with your student @TDSB account

  1. Share your website with the class. Add a photo and the link.  (Don’t forget to add your name and 3 reasons why you would recommend/use these sites).  Passwords to be provided by teacher-librarian.

Activity #3:

1. Select ONE classmate’s entry on the Class Slideshow and browse their recommended website.

2. Complete your Day 2 handout be answering the question: How might you use this site in your Canadian history class?

Additional Support:

Additional Videos:

Popcorn cell phone video 

Juno Beach Wikipedia