CGW4U World Issues

Students will investigate a contemporary global issue and write a magazine-style article, with images, that presents four clear arguments based on the 4 geographic perspectives to support a clear bias that has factual support. You will site in APA format.



Each student  will gather information to justify the position that will be taken in the article.  Students will use the Digital Note Taker to record their notes, viewpoint (thesis), and arguments, based on the research that has been collected.

Remember to  site in APA format. Watch this video or this one  for help or click here

Earl Haig Subscription Databases Recommended Websites
Opposing Viewpoints
Global Issues in Context
Social Science Full Text
Humanities Full Text
  • The expectation is that four to seven sources will be used to acquire information.
  • Gather accurate, quality images  for your  article using  Britannica’s Image Quest.
  • Use a Microsoft Template to create a well organized magazine report. You will need to create captions for all your images and cite your information correctly.

To cite a digital image in APA watch this short video and/or use Citation Machine .